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FDOT A1A Construction Update 7/12/19

IMPORTANT: Safety in the Work Zone

Drivers are reminded to obey all posted speed limits, and to be alert to vehicles turning onto northbound S.R. A1A from side streets or businesses. Pedestrians and bicyclists are asked to remain aware as construction activities continue and designated pathways are moved. Please use extra caution walking, bicycling or driving through the area. Remember, safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Did you know? Construction activities do not start each day until Turtle Patrol volunteers search for new sea turtle nests. When nests are found, an extra 10-foot buffer is staked and construction activities cannot occur within that buffer. Flagler Beach is having a particularly busy nesting season this year with more than 100 nests detected.

Segment 1 (South 25th Street to South 23rd Street) Project Update:

The contractor this week also finished all work on Segment 1 with installation of the final plants.

Segment 2 (South 22nd Street to South 9th Street) Project Update:

Crews are removing the old water main between South 13th Street and South 17th Street. French drain construction continues between South 18th and South 15th streets.

Sidewalk installation is expected between South 16th and South 17th streets. Roadway construction is underway south of South 18th Street.

Segment 3 (North 18th Street to Osprey Drive) Project Update:

The contractor reached a major milestone this week, finishing the installation of more than 1,800 concrete piles that will form the buried secant wall.

Crews are continuing to place the concrete cap on the piles, place sand on top of the cap and install plants. The contractor expects to finish the wall cap in about three weeks.

Excavation of the drainage swale between the roadway and dune also has begun.

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