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FDOT A1A Construction Update 8/9/19

IMPORTANT: Safety in the Work Zone

Drivers and community members can expect to see more truck traffic as the project enters its next phases. Please stay alert, obey all posted speed limits and use caution near construction. Pedestrians and bicyclists also are asked to stay within designated pedestrian walkways. Remember, safety is everyone’s responsibility!

Segment 1 (South 25th Street to South 23rd Street) Project Update:
Work on this segment is substantially complete.

Segment 2 (South 22nd Street to South 9th Street) Project Update:
The contractor expects to finish installation of the French drain within the next three weeks. The contractor is forming and pouring the concrete curbing for the median, and building the new southbound roadway.

Community members can expect to see increased truck traffic as the contractor brings in base materials for the roadway and concrete trucks for the curbing.

The curbing is constructed in two phases. The foundation is poured first, followed by the vertical face of the curb. This type of curb will add extra stability for the roadway.

Segment 3 (North 18th Street to Osprey Drive) Project Update:
Wall construction is complete. Remaining work includes placing sand over the wall and planting new vegetation. The contractor also is excavating a small swale along the east side of the roadway.

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