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FDOT A1A Construction Update 9/20/19


IMPORTANT: Safety in the Work Zone

Please stay alert, obey all posted speed limits and use caution near construction. Pedestrians and bicyclists also are asked to stay within designated pedestrian walkways. Remember, safety is everyone’s responsibility!


Segment 1 (South 25th Street to South 23rd Street) Project Update:

Work on this segment is complete.

Segment 2 (South 22nd Street to South 9th Street) Project Update:

Drainage installation is continuing and is nearly 90% complete. The contractor will complete this aspect of the work as part of the completion of the construction of the new southbound roadway. Steady progress is being made constructing the curbing for the median.

Segment 3 (North 18th Street to Osprey Drive) Project Update:

Wall construction is complete.

Regrading of the washout areas due to Hurricane Dorian has been completed and crews are currently working on a plan to restore the dunes affected by the recent hurricane. Walkover restoration can begin following the completion of the dune restoration.

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